A Facelift Can Help Rejuvenate Your Youthful Appearance

Wrinkles, sagging skin and lines on your face are an often unfortunate yet natural result of growing older. While a variety of factors can contribute to an aging appearance, primary causes of the skin aging are often related to decreased exfoliation at the surface layers of your skin as well as reduced collagen development in… Read more »

A Mommy Makeover Can Restore Much of Your Pre-Pregnancy Appearance

Bearing children can cause significant changes to your body as well as your lifestyle. Many women who have had one or more children will notice long-term increases in their body fat, sagging breasts, loose abdominal skin and other changes in their appearance. Once you are done having children, you may want to consider various cosmetic… Read more »

Gynecomastia Can Be Related to Different Factors

Gynecomastia is a condition which occurs in certain males causing the appearance or development of breast tissue. Men experiencing varying levels of the condition often experience self-confidence issues which can affect their social life and impact their sense of intimacy. The condition is more likely to develop during puberty or later in life. It is… Read more »

A Brow Lift Can Improve the Appearance of Your Forehead

Your facial expressions play a significant role in your nonverbal communications. As the years go by the natural process of skin aging and changes in your body composition can cause some of your facial features to lose their youthful elasticity and tone. Some individuals experience a significant sagging of the brow along with forehead wrinkles… Read more »

An Arm Lift Can Improve the Appearance of The Upper Arm

The natural processes of aging, as well as changes in your body composition, can affect the appearance of various body parts. For some individuals this also includes changes in the skin and fatty tissues of the upper arm. If you have noticed a problem with loose skin or excess fat causing your arms to look… Read more »

Structural Issues with the Ear Can Often Be Addressed by Otoplasty

Your ears do more than simply transmit the sensation of sound from the outside world to your brain. Indeed, the external structures of the ear can also have a cosmetic effect on the overall appearance and balance of your face. Sometimes physical injuries, genetics and certain lifestyle factors can affect the appearance of one or… Read more »

A Highly Visible Wart Might Need to Be Professionally Excised

Warts differ from moles, in that they are caused by a keratin virus. The body’s natural reaction to the microbial invader causes a buildup of hard keratin from deep within the dermal layers. While this is rarely painful, it can prove to be cosmetically embarrassing. If you have a wart on a highly visible part… Read more »

A Soft Chin Might Be Addressed with a Subdural Implant

Genetics and certain other factors can give your chin a soft appearance. This could cause you to feel self-conscious about your appearance or leave you feeling socially awkward. If you are unhappy with the prominence of your chin or the profile of your face, you should call to set up a consultation appointment at ’s… Read more »

The Benefits of Breast Reductions

Did you know, having large breasts can be a painful burden on women? It’s true! Back pain, shoulder pain, and even neck pain can turn chronic and lead to painful situations. That is why many women decide to have a breast reduction, to reduce their pain and enjoy a more balanced figure. Here in Provo,… Read more »

Microdermabrasion Can Help Clear Pores to Reduce Acne Breakouts

Your skin’s pores are complex and include several different components. Excess sweat, oil, body soil, malformed hair follicles, and other environmental factors can start to clog these pores. In time, it can cause minor skin inflammation and the minor swelling of telltale acne. Some people are more prone to develop acne problems related to their… Read more »