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Warts differ from moles, in that they are caused by a keratin virus. The body’s natural reaction to the microbial invader causes a buildup of hard keratin from deep within the dermal layers. While this is rarely painful, it can prove to be cosmetically embarrassing.

If you have a wart on a highly visible part of your body, and you aren’t comfortable with the prolonged timetable necessary for your body’s immune system to eradicate it, you should consider scheduling an appointment at Charles V. Pledger, MD’s clinic.

While you might be tempted to experiment with a self-removal wart kit, your results could be mixed or it could potentially cause complications with skin damage, infection, and latent scarring.

Dr. Charles V. Pledger and his team can assess the nature and severity of the offending wart. Once this is done he can help you understand your possible treatment option.s

This could include freezing the wart with spot specific cryotherapy or removing the unappealing wart with electrosurgery, a cantharidin treatment or surgical excision.

Once the wart has been removed Dr. Charles V. Pledger will provide you with aftercare instructions. This might include applying a fresh bandage daily or the use of a topical antibiotic cream.

If you are in the Provo, Utah, area and you have an unappealing wart in a highly visible area, you should call 801-373-4300 to set up a consultation appointment at Charles V. Pledger, MD.