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Wrinkles, sagging skin and lines on your face are an often unfortunate yet natural result of growing older. While a variety of factors can contribute to an aging appearance, primary causes of the skin aging are often related to decreased exfoliation at the surface layers of your skin as well as reduced collagen development in the deeper dermal layers.

Early on mild to moderate signs of aging skin can be minimized by prescription strength skin creams with Retin-A or outpatient microdermabrasion treatments. Yet the general passage of time eventually catches up to mitigate even the most effective methods for stimulating your skin’s natural exfoliation. It’s also worth noting that certain lifestyle choices such as tobacco use and excessive sun exposure can accelerate the process of skin aging.

At our practice, we understand how an aged appearance can impact not only your self-image but your self-confidence. Our experienced doctor is well-versed in a variety of treatments to address common symptoms of skin aging. After a basic examination and consultation, we might recommend a facelift.

Also known as a rhytidectomy, the outpatient surgery employs an incision strategy designed to follow the natural creases of your face to minimize any potential postoperative scarring. A minuscule amount of skin is then removed, which tightens your face in key areas.

With some cases of moderate skin aging, where the primary change is to the cheeks and jawline, our doctor might recommend a partial facelift. Sometimes referred to as a cheek lift, the procedure will only target the specific area. Some patients might also choose to have small cheek implants placed to further accentuate their cheekbones.

Many patients choose deep sedation to allow them to remain comfortable throughout the facelift procedure. Our doctor will provide you with all the necessary preparation instructions. You should also plan for a ride home while any lingering sedative effects dissipate.

Our doctor will provide you with important aftercare instructions. This often includes periodically changing bandages and making sure you have adequate rest. Planning for a full week off from work as well as any unnecessary exertion will also help keep your body focused on healing and recovery.

If a post-operative drain is required, we will provide you with the necessary instructions to keep it clean and maintained.

If you have been struggling with wrinkles, sagging skin or other aspects of an aged appearance, we invite you to call our experienced team to explore the treatment options available at our clinic.