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Your facial expressions play a significant role in your nonverbal communications. As the years go by the natural process of skin aging and changes in your body composition can cause some of your facial features to lose their youthful elasticity and tone.

Some individuals experience a significant sagging of the brow along with forehead wrinkles which can dull key facial expressions and leave you feeling self-conscious about your appearance.

Fortunately, Dr. Charles V. Pledger has years of experience helping with softened facial features and pronounced problems with skin aging. After a comprehensive analysis of your face, he can help you understand your various treatment options.

Many individuals with sagging eyebrows and pronounced forehead wrinkles will choose to have Dr. Pledger perform a browlift. Also known as a forehead lift, this procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis to minimize wrinkles and restore your once youthful brow line.

After the treatment we will provide you with any necessary postoperative care instructions. Any prescription medications will need to be taken as directed at the stated times and dosages.

If you live in the area surrounding Provo, Utah, and you are unhappy with the appearance of your forehead and brow line, you should call 801-373-4300 to set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Charles V. Pledger M.D.